Climate Justice

The Promise as a climate story reflects the world's reality that climate emergency will burden those who are least responsible for it and consequently, everything which The Promise is and aims to do is wrapped up in climate justice.

In bringing the book to life we were committed to ensuring inclusion and the team responsible were also drawn from marginalised backgrounds: the film was helmed by Chi Thai, edited by Christopher CF Chow and music by Ruth Chan. The cast were exclusively people of colour, with the lead role played by Katie Leung.

Inclusion did not end on the production, but continued through the pilot campaign that prioritised women and women of colour where possible, in this regard we are proud that have collaborated with artists and activists - Dr. Mya "Birdgirl" Craig, Roza Salih, Alison Sudol, Julie Fowlis and Karine Polwart.

Moving forward we are looking to build on equality, inclusion and remain committed to working with and uplifting marginalized communities as part of our climate action work. We would love to connect with more organisations that are founded by and for marginalised communities.