Local planting and growing partners

Alongside the BBC release of The Promise the week of October 12th, we will be bringing a wide range of activations to life around the UK; ranging from school & community screenings of the film, or boosting local planting projects through to deep level community engagement programmes in nature deprived communities.

Connecting with the wonderful work of existing planting, rewilding & food growing organisations around the UK is essential to bringing The Promise to life. This is an opportunity for nature based initiatives nationwide to come together behind a common purpose: breathe nature into the communities that need it most.

As a local planting or growing partner of The Promise we invite you to become part of the movement of people coming together to secure a greener future for our young people and nature deprived neighborhoods. We have devised a simple agreement, the kind that is made with a handshake, for us to partner with you to amplify each other’s work in the coming months.

Download your handshake agreement - sign and send it back to join us!

Email your signed handshake agreement back to us so we can stay in touch at hello@thepromise.earth


Q We are an existing tree planting organisation but we predominantly work in rural areas. Can we still host a Promise activation ?

A You can! Perhaps activating The Promise in your community means working with a nearby school which doesn’t have a huge amount of green space. Or perhaps this is a chance to see how you can start exploring tree planting & flowers growing on a smaller scale in more urban communities.