The Promise is a short animated climate film about how one person can make the world greener and fairer, starring Katie Leung, directed and produced by Chi Thai and animated by Simon Ratliff. It is based on the New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the same name, written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Laura Carlin and was released on the BBC on the 16 October 2020.

Created for young children and family audiences, the film was released with an accompanying climate action pilot campaign. As part of the launch we gave away over 1500 books of The Promise to nature deprived schools and the film’s saw over 227K views in the first two weeks of release in addition to over 1500 school screenings who paired the film with a variety of climate class activities drawn from our educational resources which can all be freely accessed from this website.

Following a successful launch we will be back next in 2021 to with a special collaboration with Centre for Literacy Primary Education and to continue our climate action work.